ABCI Testing

The American Board of Chiropractic Internists (ABCI) is the credentialing agency that coordinates the quality of education material and determines the examination process.

The ABCI advances the quality of clinical competency for doctors of chiropractic specializing in diagnosis and treatment of internal disorders through certification and re-certification of those doctors who demonstrate excellence in the chiropractic internist practice.

The ABCI shall promote the advancement of chiropractic internal medicine by identifying to professionals and the public those chiropractors who have voluntarily sought and obtained certification in chiropractic internal medicine.

The Exam consists of 2 parts:
Computerized NBCE Exam that can be taken at a local testing center during a time specified by the NBCE.  NBCE will determine a 2 week time period following the Practical exam where candidates can schedule their exam.

The practical exam will consist of several stations, including but not limited to male examinations, female examinations, Regional physical exam, discussion and Case presentation.

In the case presentation portion the candidate will be required to present a case they have seen clinically to the proctors and other testing candidates.  Case presentation should include, but is not limited to: Initial history, Exam findings, Diagnostic tests performed with results, treatment plan, follow-up tests and outcomes (if far enough into to case to have done follow-up testing).  Cases will need to be sanitized of all patient identifying information for HIPAA compliance. Any cases submitted that are not COMPLETELY sanitized will be rejected.


May 20, 2017
National University of Health Sciences
200 E Roosevelt Rd
Lombard, IL 60148

All paperwork is due SIX weeks (Thursday, April 6, 2017) before the exam!!! The sooner you send in your application the more likely you can schedule at a testing center most convenient to you.


May 1 - 12, 2017
Local testing center.
(Once you send in the application to the ABCI your information will be forwarded to the NBCE and they will contact the candidate with the information to schedule a time at a local testing center)

***If you have started the 10 or 12 part written exam through the ABCI you may finish the retake process. If you have not started the ABCI written exam you will need to take the NBCE exam. You may be required to take additional sessions to qualify for the NBCE if you were in classes prior to 2014.****

If you have questions regarding the application process please contact:
Dr. Boudro at
Dr. Jeurink at 

The information below only applies to those who have already started the examination process and are finishing up retakes.


Part 1 Consists of: 
History and Physical Exam (1001,1002,1003) 
Gastrointestinal (1024,1025) 
Blood Chemistry (1006,1007,1008)  
Immune Function and Autoimmune Disease (1017-18)  
Cardio (1009, 1010)  
Pulmonary and Vascular (1014, 1019-20,1021)    
Part 2 Consists of:   
Endocrinology and Pharma Reactions (1027, 1028) 
Female Disorders and Pharmacognosy (1004-5,1011) 
Diagnosis and Detoxification of Hepatic and Renal Systems (1016) 
Infectious Diseases, Emergency Disorders and Dermatology (1029, 1030) 
Pediatrics and Geriatrics (Sessions 1015, 1013) 
Neoplastic Diseases and Cancer (1022-23) 
Part 3 Consists of: 
Comprehensive practical exam 

ABCI Completion Policy (originated Symposium 2011)

Once a student has successfully completed all sessions of the DABCI program and passed all module examinations, they are eligible to take the ABCI board examination. The candidate has a period of 2 years from the date that all requirements are completed to initially sit for the examination. From the date the candidate sits the initial examination, they have 2 years to complete the examination process. If the candidate fails to complete all parts of the examination with the 2 year period, they must attend an additional 24 hours of DABCI coursework to be eligible to retest the examination. Furthermore, those candidates that have completed the DABCI course prior to the October 2011 examination will have until April 2013 to start the testing process and 2 additional years to pass all sections of the examination. 

Continuing Education
-Attend the Annual Symposium once every 2 years as mandatory.
-Obtain 12 hours annually of continuing education that meets the criteria of the Board. 

In the event you don't attend the Symposium annually you may elect to fulfill your 12 hour requirement in the following manner:

  1. Teach a class for the DABCI certification,
  2. Publish a paper or
  3. Attend one of the 26 sessions of the DABCI program or
  4. Attend an ACA Nutrition Diplomate program.

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