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Dr. Jay M. Goodbinder, DC, DABCI

The Epigenetics Healing Center
4601 w. 109th street
ste 325
Overland Park, KS 66211
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The Epigenetics Healing Center is a world class functional medicine clinic.  It is specialized in taking people with life crippling diseases and empowering them to get their lives back.  The clinic teaches a curriculum to patients in order to give them the opportunity to be indepedent in their health and not need our services forever.  Utilizing the most in depth lab testing in the world, customized supplementation regimens according to black and white results on the lab testing, meal planning, resource finding, detoxification, physical therapist led personal training, a constantly evolving program, hyperbaric chambers, brain wave modulation and the most cutting edge research, patients can feel assured they are getting the best care available.  For more information, please vist our website at

We truly do not want our patients on a lot of pills forever.  The goal is to fix what we find, get patients feeling great and then get them off as many supplements as possible allowing food to be their medicine from that point forward.

We have integrated with a medical doctor and nurse practitioner.   We are offering regenerative medicine solutions now, such as, bio-identical hormones, stem derived exosomes, aesthetics and peptides to optimize all patients biochemistry.