Dr.  Michael D Berglund, DC, DABCI

Dr. Michael D Berglund, DC, DABCI

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Dr. Berglund Health Philosophy

Some people are looking for a short-cut… a quick fix… a doctor who’ll jimmy-rig their body to get them back to work or, simply, get rid of their symptoms so they can get back to their life. 

Then there are the other people who know that symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that something is fundamentally wrong and requires a fix.

  • If I have a headache or low back pain, it’s not because I have a deficiency of pain-killers.
  • If I have heartburn, it’s almost never because I generate too much stomach acid. It’s because my irritated stomach is bothered by acid and acidic foods. Shutting down my body’s secretion of acid solves the “I just poured acid over my irritated stomach lining” pain, but doesn’t address the “Why is my stomach lining irritated?” or “Why does my stomach allow acid to travel up into my esophagus/throat?”

Those are the people that Dr. Berglund is able to truly help. They understand that when the foundation is flawed, the body is going to attempt to let us know that there’s an underlying problem. In essence, symptoms are like the “oil light” or other warning lights in the car that tell us that systems are failing and need to be addressed. Taking a pill to alleviate symptoms is the equivalent of switching off those warning lights and then calling the problem “solved”.  Not hardly.

"My job is not to get you to eat perfectly, I just want you to be healthy enough to live the life you're called to live."

Some clinics have a standard protocol that they use for all their patients. They hand out the same food list to every patient and give the same supplements to every patient.  They are the equivalent of a construction guy with only a hammer in his tool belt. Inherently, no matter what problem that construction guy sees, the solution will always involve a hammer. It doesn’t matter if there’s a better tool/method.  Dr. Berglund has spent 25 years accumulating different tools in his tool belt. He believes that although humans have anatomical and physiological similarities, people have dramatically different weaknesses and strengths.

"It's a doctor's job to empower/equip patients to take care of their own health. To help them write their own 'operator's manual' by working with them to experiment with different health approaches to show them what makes them healthier and what makes them sick."

Each one of us is unique. Our genetics, our upbringing, our positive/negative experiences, and how we take care of ourselves (what we eat/drink, activity level, amount/quality of sleep, etc) all play a role in who we currently are. There are lots of “rules of thumb” out there to tell us how much fiber to get, how much water we need, what supplements we have to take in order to be healthy. The truth is: most of these “rules” are guidelines that work for some people but not for others. Dr. Berglund strives to remove the hypothetical diet/supplement rules from his patients and replace them with real guidelines that are proven to help people feel better and help their bodies function better.


He wrote a book. 

Yes. Dr. Berglund had a book published. One of the reason many patients around the world routinely seek out Dr. Berglund's help is because of his expertise on helping people overcome undiagnosed/underdiagnosed hypothyroidism (low functioning thyroid gland). Because of that, he decided to put the instructions that he gives his patients in his office into a book so more people could be helped. 

 Tired of Being Sick & Tired


Common Sense Medicine

The above video is one of many videos Dr. Berglund created to help explain how doctors treat patients holistically/naturally.  At Common Sense Medicine, you'll see videos on constipation, "Am I Having A Heart Attack", Mononucleosis, Anemia, as well as a host of other topics. If you binge watch all of these are are interested in seeing all future videos Dr. Berglund is in, make sure to subscribe to his channel.