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Dr. James D Robart, Jr, DC.,DABCI, DABCN

Functional Medicine Institute of the Midwest
912 N Missouri Street
Potosi, MO 63664

Primary care clinic that specializes in the functional medicine approach to healthcare. So many times, western medicine does the workup to find out "what" is wrong with you but then never goes the next step to figure out the "why" you are sick. In functional medicine, we not only figure out "what" is wrong with you but the "why" also. We use traditional western medicine assesment tools like blood work, EKG, and spirometer but also include salivary and stool testing as needed.

After a complete exam and history, we will do a review of findings so you completley understand what is going on with your body. We will then inititate treatment. Treatment in our office is restorative in nature as to the "why" to the disease. Treatment includes vitamins(pill/IV), herbs, hyperbaric oxygen, prolotherapy, and nutraceuticals.