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Dr. Tobi Jeurink, DC, DABCI

Jeurink Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center
325 E. Main St. Ste C
Gardner, KS 66030
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Dr. Tobi Jeurink is here for all your natural health care needs. She feels that improving health is a team effort between the doctor and patient. Call us for a consultation and get started on a healthier life today!

So.... Chiropractic Internist.  What does this mean for you, the patient, or prospective patient?  You thought Chiropractors only worked on backs?  Actually all Chiropractors are trained in anatomy, physiology and pathology of the entire body, but most specialize in the biomechanical aspects.  A Chiropractic Internists undergoes specialized training to diagnose and treat internal conditions using diet, exercise, and nutritional support at a holistic level.   It means when you present with a concern we will work to identify all of the underlying issues that may be causing your illness/pain/concern and develop a plan that goes beyond treating symptoms.   We evaluate labs and tests with a different perspective and instead of waiting for a disease to take over we try to head it off at the pass.  The more common term you may have heard this referred as is Functional Medicine.  Our goal is that you FUNCTION at an OPTIMAL level.