Dr. Dean R. Kenny, D.C., D.A.B.C.I.

Dr. Dean R. Kenny, D.C., D.A.B.C.I.

Kenny Clinic of Chiropractic
2400 South Main St.
High Point, NC 27263


     After receiving  a  Doctorate in  Chiropractic,   I   began practice in High Point   in  1979  concentrating  on  treating  back pain,  neck pain,  and headaches.  As  patients  improved,  I  wanted  to  help  with  maladies  that  I  noticed  some  patients  were  taking  a  lot of  medication  for  like  high blood pressure,  esophageal reflux,  and  an increase in  cholesterol.   I  decided to  become  certified  in  internal medicine   because  despite  advances  in  medicine,   rates of  heart  disease,  cancer,  and  diabetes,  for example,  continue  to increase  in our  society.  I  realized that  treating  the  symptoms  with  medication  was  not  the  solution.   Prevention;   however,  will always  be the  best  medicine.    The  purpose  of  Chiropractic  is  to   remove  nerve  interference  caused  by  spinal   misalignment  and  allow  normal  nerve  function  to  restore  the  patient’s  health  and  prevent  disease.

It is our God given potential to be healthy but similar plants, we too require circumstances to thrive.   Nerves that control our regulation and function can be affected by pressure, tension, and stress.  Nutrients from foods can be poorly absorbed by inadequate digestion.  Irregular bowel habits wiill produce  a deficient immune system that can eventually result in a chronic illness.  Sedentary lifestyles create premature deaths.   Medication and surgery  can no longer address underlying problems. Prevention is the new medical frontier today!

The mission of this office is to add life to the years and years to the lives of the patients we have the priviledge to serve. If after a thorough consultation, history, and examination we can help you, we will recommend a plan to put you back on track to a healthy active lifestyle.  If we can not help, we will tell you so and find someone who can.