Dr. Philip A. Arnone, DC, DABCI

Dr. Philip A. Arnone, DC, DABCI

The Balanced Body Center
10550 Independence Pointe Parkway
Suite 100
Matthews, NC 28105


The Balanced body system of health is exclusively available at the Balanced Body Center. Dr. Arnone has used his 27 years of practice experience to create the Balanced Body system of Health. It is a completely unique and revolutionary approach to health. Our system uses a combination of the most advanced procedures to resolve health complaints, improve health and maximize well being. Our system is based on improving structure to maximize function, advanced diagnostics, customized laboratory testing and individualized nutrition including diet, supplementation, enzymes and Homeopathic therapy.

Environmental factors, poor nutrition and other lifestyle factors have created tremendous complications and obstacles to improving, obtaining and maintaining health. After an additional 4 years of study following his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Arnone received his degree as a Board-certified Chiropractic internist. He has served as both Vice President, President of the Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders and Chairman of the American Chiropractic Association Professional Development Committee. Dr. Arnone utilizes his experience to teach chiropractors, naturopaths and medical physicians the most advanced diagnostic procedures and natural approaches to health. The Balanced Body System of Health incorporates complete diagnostic evaluation, assessment and nutritional programs with our advanced structural care. Our facility offers general blood chemistries with orthomolecular analysis for diagnosis and nutritional evaluation, bone density testing, thyroid evaluations, male and female hormone profiles, neurotransmitter testing, amino acid testing, vascular studies, EKG, EMG, Lung function testing, delayed food allergy testing, systemic yeast tests, heavy metal analysis and detox, genetic testing, methylation studies, cardiovascular programs and much more to obtain maximum recovery and health.

Our entire staff of doctors has been trained by Dr Arnone in the Balanced Body system to bring the finest program of natural health care to all our patients. If you are struggling with chronic pain, looking for a natural resolution to chronic health conditions or looking to maintain better health, the balanced body system of health may be the answer.

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