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Dr. Gina M Carucci, DC, DICCP, DABCI

Carucci Chiro;ractic Center, LLC and The CT Wellness Institute, LLC
53 New Britain Avenue
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Carucci Chiropractic Center is staffed by Dr Gina Carucci, Dr. Lisa Connors, Dr. Stephanie Lang and Dr. Alicia Saunders.  This team of doctors offer a wide variety of care from holistic primary care to rehabilitation exercise, pediatrics and care for the pregant woman. Care consists of chiropractic adjustments (various techniques utilized), various soft tissue therapies to include massage therapy, dry needling, NIMMO, myofascial release and Graston.  Nutritional counseling is also offered with special laboratory testing employed for diagnostic and assessment purposes.  Various supplements are utilized in the care and management of our patients as care dictates.  Dr. Carucci also utilizes the "Shape ReClaimed" program as an anti-inflammatory, detoxification program which leads to a healthy way of losing weight, improving metabolism and changing an individual's relationship with food.  Acupuncture will soon be added to Carucci Chiropractic Center (Fall 2017).  The CT Wellness Institute offers a variety of services that support an individuals abilty to improve health and well-being such as:  Rife technology, Ionic cleanse foot baths, whole body vibration, cold laser therapy, massage therapy and soon to come BEMER technology.  

Whole person, Holistic, Nervous System is responsible for the control and coordination of all bodily functions.   Movement, sunshine, whole food diet, rest and love are essential for the individual to achieve maximal expression of health and well-being.